Welcome to Twingles Racing's 1999 One Lap of America Site!

Twingles Racing Finishes 10th and 44th Overall!

The owner of the Eclipse and captain of the team, Emmanuel Crouvisier, got behind the wheel of a Lotus 7 for the event, leaving the Eclipse in the trusted hands of two friends. Emmanuel captured 10th place overall and 2nd in class (Vintage Foreign). The Eclipse finished 44th overall and 12th in class (SSGT2).

During the week of May 15 to May 22, Twingles Racing campaigned a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX in the SSGT2 class in the national Michelin One Lap of America event. Thanks to the help of our many sponsors, the technical expertise of RCTS and the wealth of knowledge from Club DSM, we built a truly potent racecar that could reliably out-accelerate and out-corner any production sports car available today.

We have created this site for people to learn more about the race and our unique racing team. You can read about the modifications we have made to the car, and the sponsors who made it all possible!

During the event, we updated the web site daily thanks to the help of the promotions coordinator, who doubles as a web designer. Each day we provided the One Lap enthusiasts with a journal-type account of the day's events, as well as many, many pictures and race results as they became available. To ensure that the viewer would be kept up-to-date, Twingles Racing developed a strong relationship with the "Computer Geeks" who make Timing and Scoring a reality during the grueling week.

Please feel free to peruse the 1998 One Lap of America site which we set up very similarly to this one. We were the only reliable source of daily updates on the Internet, and consequently, we received well over five thousand hits during the week of the event!

Be sure to also take a look at the Official One Lap of America page, which contains a lot of great information from previous events. The site also has an entry form for this year's event as well as the official rules.

Please look around the site, and be sure to let us know what you think. Thank you for stopping by to visit!

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