Background of the Team:

We have included some brief information about our team for your review. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact us.

Guy Boulanger

Guy is an amateur racer from Baccarat, France, who has flown to the United States to compete in 6 One Lap events since 1993. This year he will be racing the Eclipse, which he also campaigned in the 1999 One Lap to a 44th overall finish.

Ari Jay Comet

Ari is the promotions coordinator and is responsible for acquiring sponsorship and budgeting the finances of the team. He enjoys autocrossing locally in the Cleveland area. This is his third One Lap event, and he hopes to participate in many more.

Emmanuel Crouvisier

Emmanuel is the webmaster of the 2000 site as well as the owner of the racecar. He has been racing competitively for over five years and has won numerous championships in various racing series. Emmanuel has already competed in the One Lap twice, finishing 29th overall in 1998 in a Dodge Neon, and 10th overall in 1999 in a Caterham Super 7 (one of only two non-professional drivers in the top 10). Emmanuel has held track records at GingerMan Raceway and Nelson Ledges. This season Emmanuel can also be found competing in SCCA Club Racing, in a 1998 Viper GTS in the T1 class.

J.M. Crouvisier

J.M. has competed in every One Lap race since 1993 in a variety of cars, including a Toyota MR2, a Toyota Supra and a Caterham Super 7. J.M. was an accomplished rally driver in France before moving to the United States in the late 1960's. J.M. is very excited to be competing in the 2000 One Lap in the incredibly fast Eclipse, which is quite a departure from the 7 that he has grown accustomed to racing the last few years.

Reg Riemer

Reg is the technical consultant for the team, and is responsible for all the parts that go on the car. Thanks to his help, we are able to build a powerful, agile car while maintaining the utmost reliability, a necessity for a winning One Lap team. He has competed in every One Lap event since 1996, and finished 9th overall in 1998 with his 625hp Toyota Supra. We're hoping that Reg will bring our team as much success!